When the February 16th fire swept through the condominium complex at 2915 Glen Dr. in Coquitlam, you and over 100 of your fellow residents were not only displaced from your homes, your lives were turned upside down. A residential fire is a tragic, unexpected and traumatic experience that leaves people not only without their possessions and a place to live, but also often with the feeling that they are left to face the future alone.

After such an event, communities often come together to help fire victims rebuild their lives; not out of a sense of charity, but out of a sense of compassion for a neighbour. They want you to know that you are not alone.

That’s just what the community in the Tri-Cities area has done! By donating money, clothing, toys, household items and toiletries,  hundreds and hundreds of your neighbours have stepped forward to provide tangible support to those of you displaced by the fire. In fact, we have received over 20,000 kgs of donations; more than enough to fill our Glen Fire Support Centre.


Thanks to the newly established Glen Fire Support Task Group, a distribution and assistance centre has been set up at 2552 Barnet Hwy (the old Universal Flagging school next to the Return-It bottle depot). The 4,000 square foot storefront is open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm or by appointment, with volunteers ready to provide assistance and support. Please come in to pick up whatever you might need. There is more than enough for everyone. Or drop by to register your current and future needs so that our team of volunteers can help in any way they can.

Your neighbours really WANT TO HELP YOU THROUGH THIS, so please come on in and take them up on their offer to be a part of your recovery from this terrible experience.


  1. We are not alone, we live in community. Even though you may not know the names of those who live around you, we are all neighbours. So when something tragic happens to one of us, it effects us all. Neighbours help neighbours get through the tough times.
  2. If someone doesn’t receive, no one can give. Service is a major way that we connect with one another, and a significant way we express our humanity. The truth is that we should need each other.
  3. Everyone one of us experiences times when we could use help. We all go through seasons of life; times when we are comfortable and self-sufficient, and times when we struggle. The beauty of being neighbours is that we can take turns helping each other out.

Glen Fire Support Centre

(604) 949-0553



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