All of us are called to service. Here are some current ways you can serve:

Preserving the Spirit of Christmas

Are you a maker of jam, jelly, pickles, chutneys etc.? Throughout the Summer/Fall, the Fellowship ministry will be collecting donated, homemade preserves from the ERUC family that will then be decorated and adorned with special notes of Peace, Hope, Love, and Joy during the Advent event. They will be sold in December and will be the perfect items for gift-giving. Funds raised will go with 50% towards helping the ERUC budget and 50% to Humanity4Syrians. For more information, contact Donna McKinnon-Heide:

Request for Clothes or Books

Our own Penny Bickerton will be traveling to Zimbabwe on September 20th. Her Soroptimist group, an international volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls, has asked for donations of newborn clothes & blankets and books for primary/junior age school children. If you are able to help please bring them on the next few Sundays, we’ll have a basket for them labelled at the back of the sanctuary.

Sandwich Ministry

On the third Wednesday of every month, our awesome sandwich ministry takes over the church kitchen for First United. We are looking for more volunteers—not to make the sandwiches, but to deliver them. This requires moving a few big coolers on the night, driving them to their destination, and returning the empty coolers to the church the next day. Please speak with Zoë or leave your name on the pink sheets if you can take this on.

Outside Jobs

To keep our grounds and the outside of our Church looking its best is an ongoing job. The Stewards have identified a number of projects, some large, some smaller, some requiring extra skills and some easier. Check out the sign up form at the back of the sanctuary to see what you can do!

Any questions? Julie Lloyd, Lock Munro, or Curtis Quinn can answer them.