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2813 Glen Drive

Coquitlam, BC Canada
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6626735This year you will choose from one of four streams. Stream times will take place during part of the event, leaving you time outside your stream for participating in entire group community building and games as well as activities such as worship, art, canoeing, archery, dance, drama etc. !

Visual Arts Theme: This stream will explore our world through our artistic senses and expression. We will use various art media including some from nature. The focus will be on the process and joy of creating!

Performing Arts: This stream will explore our world through offerings of drama, theatre sports, play-building, improvisation and music (jamming, creating, playing). Bringing an instrument is an option.

Spiritual Practice: This stream will explore contemporary and ancient spiritual practices that will lead participants deeper into their understanding of themselves, each other and The Sacred. During both indoor and outdoor sessions, we will explore various practices including meditation, yoga, chanting and sacred ecology.

Wilderness Revival Skills: Explore the ways that we are interconnected to this sacred land and the life that lives here. We will go deeper in our connection to ourselves, each other and the natural world through games, shelter building, fire skills, meeting plants and tracking animals. Let’s take off our shoes and leave our screens behind.


May 15, 2015
May 18, 2015
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