Member of the Official Board (Chair elected by the Congregation)

The purpose of the Official Board is to manage the affairs of the Congregation which are of joint interest of the Elders, Stewards and Trustees, and to conduct business not assigned to any of the other bodies. The Official Board, along with the Session, is the first Court of the Church.

Only the Chair is elected by the congregation, while every other member is appointed or elected to the Official Board by virtue of their office on another ministry/committee. The following positions make up the Official Board:

  • Chair of the Official Board.
  • Minister.
  • Members of the Session.
  • Members of the Committee of Stewards.
  • Chair of M&P Committee.
  • Lay representative(s) to Presbytery.

and one (1) representative in full membership of the United Church elected by each of the following ministries of the Congregation:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Adult Faith Formation Ministry
  • Children and Youth Ministries
  • Youth Group
  • Ministry Development Team
  • UCW

Further, each person who serves on the Official Board shall:

  • Be a full member of Eagle Ridge United Church.
  • Have confirmed their affinity through the ERUC Membership Covenant.
  • Have signed ERUC Behavioural Covenant.

This position is suited to those with gifts related to leadership, vision, discernment and organization.

For more detailed information on this Ministry, please click: Official-Board