Member of the Session (Elder) (elected by the Congregation)  The purpose of the Session (Elders) is to oversee the big picture of the spiritual life of the congregation. This oversight includes, for example:

  • The Purpose, Vision and Values of the congregation and the development of strategies and goals to fulfill the Vision.
  • Encouragement of individual congregational members to deepen their relationship with God through spiritual disciplines and study.
  • The responsibility for keeping in touch and praying for those members and adherents assigned to each Elder.

Elders are elected for terms of 5 years, and must have the following eligibility:

  • Full member of Eagle Ridge United Church.
  • Confirmed affinity through the ERUC Membership Covenant.
  • Signed ERUC Behavioural Covenant.

Elders are individuals with some of the following gifts: Leadership, Vision, Discernment, Encouragement, Knowledge, Organization, Faith, and Wisdom. For more detailed information on this Ministry, please click Session