Committee of Stewards (Elected by the Congregation)

The purpose of the Committee of Stewards (known as the Management Team in the earlier governance system) is to manage the temporal and financial affairs of the Congregation.

The duties of a Steward include:

  • Most of the day-to-day running of the church.
  • Handling nearly all of the financial and temporal decisions.

Members of the Session are elected for terms of 2 years, and must have the following qualifications:

  • Stewards shall be elected for their Christian character and ability to transact the temporal and financial business of the Congregation.
  • Full member of Eagle Ridge United Church.
  • Confirmed affinity through the ERUC Membership Covenant.
  • Signed ERUC Behavioural Covenant.

Stewards are individuals with some of the following gifts: Giving, Knowledge, Organization, Prayer and Wisdom.

For more detailed information about this Ministry, see the linked Ministry Description: Stewards