What are LIFE Groups?

The way we look at it, most people don’t come to church to join an institution, they come because they feel a need to have:

  • An experience of God that deepens, changes and enriches… because Jesus’ transformative and healing power needs to be felt in the heart before He can change our lives.
  • An experience of deep, healthy relationships with others on the journey…because mutual support, honesty, respect and prayer help us to find our way.
  • An experience of self-discovery and maturing self-esteem… because underneath all of our screw-ups and failings, God has created a wonderful and lovable person.
  • An experience of deep, sensitive compassion for others… because spiritual growth deepens when we are given the opportunity to look beyond ourselves by serving and caring for others.

These are both the assumptions and the goals of our LIFE Groups.

LIFE Groups, also known as Small Groups or Cell Groups, are groups of no more than 12 people who gather regularly around a common interest or enthusiasm. Each group has a leader who receives regular training and support.

The purpose of LIFE Groups is to provide an opportunity for people to gather together to do essentially four things.

1. Learning. Every LIFE Group provides you with the chance to learn about yourself, others and to see how the Bible can inform that learning. Every meeting includes an encounter with scripture so that you can test the relevance of the Bible to your life. Questioning and dialogue are encouraged because only you can interpret for yourself who this God is, and what this God is doing with your life.

2. Inspiration. Our word, “inspired” comes from the Latin “inspiriare” meaning to have the Spirit of God breathed into one. LIFE Groups are designed so that you can experience the healing power of prayer and feel that God is active in your life. Prayer, support and care are just three ways that you will discover the Spirit at work in you through your LIFE Group.

3. Fellowship. Life today is fast-paced, endlessly changing and very confusing. It is important to find others with whom you can share your journey. LIFE Groups provide a place to make real friends who will encourage you and walk with you in the bad times as well as the good.

4. Enthusiasm. The great part is that you get an opportunity to learn, grow, be inspired and share your journey while doing something that really interests you. LIFE Groups can form around anything from Knitting to Bible study, Homeless Ministry to Home Repair. Your imagination is the limit!


This is a group formed to create knitted or crocheted prayer shawls for a group of women who are dealing with addiction and health issues. Beginners are welcome as there are those who are willing to teach knitting or crocheting. Check the Events calendar to see dates & times of meetings.


This LIFE Group is open to men of any age, and will meet about every two weeks. All men are welcome to join, however we would ask that participants commit to attending whenever it is reasonable for them to do so. Specific meeting information will be in the bulletin or available by contacting the church office during the week.