Ministry Opportunities

Every baptized Christian is called to ministry. Some are called to exercise their ministry within the life of their congregation, while others are called by God to use their gifts in ministries beyond Eagle Ridge. Our goal is to help you discern your gifts and calling for ministry and then deploy them in the service of Jesus Christ, wherever that may be.

If you have not yet completed LifeKeys, we invite you to invest 45 minutes and complete the Spirit-Given Gifts inventory. Spirit-given, or Spiritual Gifts, are those things you do naturally well, that God has given you to specifically do God’s work. Knowing your top three Spirit-Given Gifts will help point you in the direction of your most empowered and life-giving ministry..

To see the ministries of which you can be a part at Eagle Ridge, scan through the list of Ministries to your left, link to their synopses and ask yourself, “Is this what God might be calling me to do?” Some of the ministries require a great deal in terms of current skills and callings, while others allow for you to test out just exactly where God would like you to minister. At the end of each synopsis, you will find a link that will take you to a more detailed “Ministry Description.”

If you don’t see anything here that speaks to you, but you do have an idea for a ministry, you may be called to exercise your ministry by participating in or even leading a LIFE Group. If so, please speak to Pastor Dave about this critical way of offering more vital ministries.

God bless your exploration!

Ministry Opportunities


The Prayer Group encourages you to place your prayer requests in the labeled box on the notice table. (Prayer requests will remain confidential.)  Group members will receive the requests and send out prayers and will meet as a group in Room 6 on the 1st Sunday of the month, after worship.


Sacred Service Teams are our way of creating a fellowship and service opportunity through groups of people who provide set up and clean up work for each Worship Service.

If your family has not yet joined a team and you’re ready to get involved, please make a note beside your name on the weekly Communication Sheet when it circulates, or email the church office. If you’re unsure what Sacred Service is all about, please pick up an information brochure from the back of the sanctuary or contact Office Administrator Denise.


The Children and Youth Ministry would love some help from time to time behind the scenes to help support our dedicated teachers and enhance our Sunday Club environment. If you enjoy knitting, crochet, woodworking, making playdough, crafty projects, drawing, singing, play guitar/drum/ukulele or have a special gift you think we could use, please complete the yellow Life at ERUC form (at the notice table) and we will be in touch.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to serve in our kids’ ministry on your own schedule!