Adult Faith & Spiritual Formation Ministry (unelected)

The purpose of the Adult Faith & Spiritual Formation Ministry is to ensure that opportunities exist for every adult at ERUC to engage in programs which deepen their relationship with God and explore their discipleship of Jesus Christ, whether they are inquirers, new Christians, or mature and practicing followers of Jesus.

Duties include developing and maintaining a clear and intentional process for moving people from inquirers or new Christians, to mature and practicing disciples of Jesus Christ. This includes the development of a core curriculum and the promotion of the U.N.I.T.E.D. marks of discipleship:

  • Weekly worship
  • Daily prayer
  • Exploration of scripture
  • Service
  • Spiritual friendships
  • Donation of time, talents and resources

This position is suited to those with gifts related to encouragement, evangelism, teaching and organization.

More information about this Ministry: Adult-Faith-Formation-Team