Dearest friends:

Finally, some good news – and this time it’s not just about Jesus Christ! With falling COVID-19 numbers, Session has decided to open back up this Sunday, March 13th to in-person worship with only a few restrictions. In addition to in-person, we will continue to provide Zoom in the foreseeable future.

In order to worship with others in the Sanctuary, you need only do three things:

  1. Be fully vaccinated if you are eligible. For those who are 13 and older, fully vaccinated means at least two shots plus 14 days for your immunity to build. For children 12 and under, the Public Health Order requires that they only need one shot plus 14 days to be considered vaccinated. In addition to those very rare individuals who have medical exemptions, children 4 and under are exempt because the vaccine has not yet been approved for their age group.

  2. Wear a properly fitting 3-ply mask while indoors. The only exception for this in the Public Health Order is to take Communion (“Masks are required but can be temporarily removed for ceremonial eating and drinking…).

  3. That you are not feeling any cold or flu symptoms (allergies and their associated runny noses are okay).

Although we will not be serving coffee or tea (you’d have to take your mask off to eat or drink), we also will not be shooing people out after the service. As extra protection, we will continue to run the air-exchange system the whole time we are together.

I am so looking forward to seeing how much the children have grown up, and how much the rest of us have grown out.

In peace and deep gratitude,

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