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Position Title: Church Office Administrator

General Description:
The Church Office Administrator acts as the general office manager of the church office, assists the pastors with secretarial/clerical work, and assists the congregation and its organization with clerical work.

Working Hours:
The normal work week is 35 hours per week.
Hours of work: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Areas of Responsibility:
• Assist the pastors as needed.
• Answer the telephone and emails, making referrals as appropriate.
• Greet visitors to the church during office hours.
• Do general church filing and deal with church mail.

• Prepare the order of service and announcements: typing, formatting, printing, and folding of announcements, inserts and bulletins.
• Prepare the PowerPoint order of service and pre-service announcement PowerPoint presentations: typing, formatting, finding appropriate graphics (currently using StoryBlocks).
• Prepare Communication Sheets and Sunday Club attendance sheets.
• Respond to requests made on Sunday Communication Sheets.
• Keep a weekly attendance record of worship and Sunday club attendees (using PowerChurch).
• Prepare the report and notify Lead Pastor and/or Pastoral Care person of those who have been absent for more than three consecutive Sundays.
• Submit a weekly report to OneLicense (and CCLI when requested).
• Keep the bulletin boards up to date.
• Email announcements.
• Send the scripture readings to the reader and monitor Sacred Service duties to make sure there is coverage.
• Keep a record of visitors and assist in preparing welcome letters.
• Communicate with Pastor for Children and youth and help her with tasks as required.
• Keep Sunday Club leader list up to date and any PowerPoint materials they may need.

• Compile the Annual Program Report and the Financial/Statistical Report for Congregational Meetings.
• Complete the annual statistic forms for UCC.
• Publish a new church contact directory annually.

• Prepare sign-up sheets for special events and for greeters, flowers, and readers for Sunday worship. Monitor such sheets and send out reminders as needed.
• Make nametags. Keep the nametag boards up to date.
• Oversee photocopier: service and copying.
• Prepare forms for, and keep track of, Sunday Club registrations and directory information.
• Keep the church computer database (PowerChurch) up to date: directory, attendance, programs, etc.
• Communicate with the treasurer as needed for paying bills, pulpit supply, piano coverage, etc.
• Purchase/order supplies for the office, Pastors, committees, Sacred Service, Sunday Club, Advent, and janitors as needed and provide expense forms to the Treasurer as necessary.
• Arrange and prepare forms for weddings, baptisms, and funerals.
• Prepare certificates, bookplates, prayer shawls, and candles for Membership/Baptisms.
• File and copy the minutes from committees as needed and keep on file.
• Contact people to arrange meetings, appointments for minster and committee chairs.
• Keep the Historic Roll, Wedding, Baptismal, and Burial books up to date.
• Design and prepare brochures for programs and information about ERUC.
• Print, stuff and distribute/mail newsletters.
• Arrange for replacement coverage for time away.

• Keep all the bookings for the church and post them in the binder.
• Negotiate all details including amount to be paid.
• Follow up where there are problems over the use of the building.
• Act as a liaison between the tenants and ERUC when required.
• Issue and keep a record of who has keys to the building.
• Keep a record of items borrowed from the church (e.g., tables).

• Reports to the Lead Pastor.
• Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor to establish work plans.
• Conflicts/grievances will be dealt with by the Ministry & Personnel Committee, who may suggest follow-up procedures.
• Annual performance review.

Requirements for the Position:
• Intermediate computer skills: Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, PowerChurch, internet and email, Office 365, One Drive.
• Knowledge of phone, copier, fax systems.
• Record keeping skills.
• Communication skills.
• Accuracy in printed work is essential.

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